UAE Ministry of Finance has released an information on the newly introduced Value-Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE, which was applied starting from the 1st of January 2018. Any business, which exceeds mandatory or voluntary registration thresholds, may be required or may be able to register for VAT.

MN Auditing has the skills, experience, and independent judgment in providing TAX consults and auditing services to this new implementation of VAT in the UAE.

We offer VAT accounting and VAT consultant services in all over the UAE cities. As your VAT consultant, following are the things that we are capable of doing for you as we lead you step-by-step towards grasping the new concept of the VAT. Our approach extends beyond timeliness and efficiency. Besides; recognizing and understanding the impact of tax issues on businesses and adopting a proactive approach to bringing new effective ideas to the company to minimize the tax effects on the cash flow and competition and to avoid any fine imposed by the UAE Cabinet Approves Decisions No. (39) And (40) for 2017 on Federal Tax Authority’s Service Fees, Administrative Fines.

We provide the following tax related services to our clients:

  • Preparing tax declarations
  • Proving the company by accounting software that can be adopted from Tax Authority
  • Calculating the VAT deductible on purchases
  • Ensuring that company account is committed to the VAT requirements
  • Minimize the VAT’s effect by reviewing the company’s tax practice mitigation of potential VAT effects cash flow and competition
  • Avoid the company any VAT penalties announced by MOF
  • Implementation of e-invoicing and e-archiving as VAT requirements
  • Reviewing essential documents such as live contracts, invoices, records, and other associated documents
  • Consultancy on industry-focused VAT (e.g., retail/ marketing, construction, real estate)