Several laws and local legislations have created a remarkable development in the role of audit profession in all types and objectives, especially expressing their opinion about the reality and fair representation of the financial statements prepared by the corporate management and submitted to different parties in the financial community.
So, in MN Auditing we are focused on providing comprehensive value-added audits for national and international companies and to all other parties in financial community.

In auditing, MN Auditing provides both Internal and External auditing services.


Internal auditing

Internal auditing has been historically performed as an in-house service, which costs companies large amounts of funds to complete. The recent universal emerging trend is for companies to outsource the internal audit function to professionally qualify internal auditors in an effort to minimize the cost of completion and obtaining add-value and improve the organization’s operations.

As internal auditors, we measure a degree of compliance to the company’s policies and procedures and advise Management and the Board of Directors regarding the improvement in execution of their responsibilities.

Our work as an internal auditor involves improving internal control and effectiveness of risk management in order to protect the assets of the establishment and assessment of achieve the policy and objectives, which were planned by the management, and advice to the way that could give management greater productivity.


External auditing

It is to audit the financial statements of an organization. As an independent body, not following the company’s management, our ownership -MN Auditing- carries out external auditing to present an unbiased and independent evaluation on the fairness of the financial statements and a presentation of the financial position through financial periods.

Our audits are carried out in accordance to the most recent audit approach, which is based on national and international standards and principles of the auditing career which be customized with different factors.

We provide:

  • Reviews of Financial Statements and Compilation
  • Checking for material misstatements
  • Ensuring if financial statements are a true/fair representation of actual positions
  • Bringing any fraud related information to the management’s attention